Chloe Mackenzie: Yoga, Stories & Second Chances

Chloe Mackenzie is a yoga teacher, fitness trainer and writer living in Oakland, CA.


"Before I met Chloe, I had a casual relationship with yoga. But that all changed the moment I took my first class with her - all of the sudden it all made sense. Chloe made me fall in love with yoga, and I found myself returning day after day, week after week, to be on the mat, to feed off the incredible energy I could only find through her classes. Chloe grew my practice and challenged me spiritually and physically. People often talk about the instructor that changed their practice: That's Chloe for me - not only did she change my relationship with yoga, she changed my life in the process." -Katie, NYC

"My very first class was with Chloe on Wednesday, on a random day that I had off from work, and she was incredible. Her yoga flows were unique, challenging and I wish I could practice with her more!" -Yelp Reviewer

"Chloe's class is my absolute favorite here in NYC. Not only is she your biggest fan, pushing you to try new postures/poses in class (in a very safe way) but she structures her class so that it flows in the body just perfectly. I always leave her class feeling amazing. She's a beautiful soul that gives you everything she's got in class, she's a true gem." - Amanda Butler, Trainer and Model, NYC

"Chloe does not just come to teach a class and leave. She gives each class her breath, tears, sweat, EVERYTHING right along with you. She inspires in her testimonials. Not only is she inspiring but she cracks herself wide open to shine her light in you. Beginner or advanced she will help you grow as a yogi. Her class is not to be missed!" - Erinn, NYC

"No matter the kind of day I'm having, Chloe's class always brings me to a better place.  I'm energized, challenged and she never fails to bring a smile to my face either with a song I forgot existed or her motivational words.  Don't be fooled, Chloe will kick your ass but I guarantee you'll love her for it.  Her strength on and off the mat is an inspiration that will keep you coming back for more all while your body grows stronger." - Elizabeth, NYC

"Chloe's a badass instructor who gave clear concise directions of where she wanted our body to be, and when she wanted it to be there. An absolute must when your teaching a room full of slippery sweaty bodies in the dark." - Yelp Reviewer

"One of my favorite instructors, Chloe Mackenzie... I started taking her classes at a studio uptown in Harlem, and I have decided that I will follow her anywhere. I would even trek to the Upper East Side for her classes. That's saying something. Chloe has incredible taste in music and she always plays the newest/coolest stuff (aka tracks from my own Soundcloud playlists because I'm cool too)." - Owen, NYC

"If you have a chance to take a class from Chloe especially, then jump on it! She will kick your butt, but make it seem like a breeze with her positive and enthusiastic energy." - Sophia, NYC

"As soon as Chloe opened her mouth to instruct, I was mesmerized by her voice. What she said and how she said it were powerful in that darkness. She was inspiring and supportive, two characteristics I needed before my hour of practice would be over... There was total trust from Chloe -- she was there to guide us and support us, to encourage us to push a tiny bit harder when all we wanted was to find child's pose asap. By the time class was over, I felt strong, exhausted, happy..." -Lara, Best In Class NYC

"I didn't know what it meant to 'let go' or 'be still' prior to my first class with Chloe. In my normal life I run full speed and consider it a badge of honor to push my limits. But, after one hour with Chloe guiding me, a yoga novice, through her flows and poses, I had to reconsider what I considered pushing my limits." - Andy, NYC