Chloe Mackenzie: Yoga, Stories & Second Chances

Chloe Mackenzie is a yoga teacher, fitness trainer and writer living in Oakland, CA.

chloe:just chloe

I'm going to leave my "professional" bio here, because it was and will always be a monumental part of who I am. However, since I'm not teaching at the moment and I'm not quite sure (don't freak out! notice the "not sure") I will again... here's the real-of-the-real Chloe... chlomackie.

I have worn a lot of outfits and identities. It feels like I've lived 397 lives in 26 Years. I have been:

  • Chloe: the perfect daughter
  • Chloe: the really good girl who never screws up
  • Chloe: the straight A student
  • Chloe: the prima ballerina
  • Chloe: the going-to-be missionary
  • Chloe: the "God" girl
  • Chloe: the going-to-be doctor
  • Chloe: the vegetarian health nut
  • Chloe: the runner
  • Chloe: the New Yorker
  • Chloe: the filmmaker
  • Chloe: the bendy-yogi
  • Chloe: the barista
  • Chloe: the sweat addict 
  • Chloe: the Spiritual Gangster
  • Chloe: the bada$$ yoga teacher
  • Chloe: the white girl who ain't truly white
  • Chloe: the "superhuman" strong girl
  • Chloe: the inspirer

Now, I'm Chloe... I'm just Chloe. I'm Chloe healing. Most of the time I'm Chloe sitting in her pajamas with decaf coffee and cats wondering how to pass by the days of recovery. I'm Chloe. No labels. Not sure of anything. And I'm okay with that Chloe. Because this is the first Chloe to break the rules and to welcome the uncomfortable. To search for answers and cry to the floor. To search for who I actually am and not put a label on it anymore. Just Chloe. It's complicated. And that is enough.

Nice to meet you.