Chloe Mackenzie: Yoga, Stories & Second Chances

Chloe Mackenzie is a yoga teacher, fitness trainer and writer living in Oakland, CA.

Chloe Mackenzie

aka chlomackie: movement enthusiast. trapeze artist. cat mama. yogi. personal trainer. spiritual gangster. hip hop don't stop.

Chloe is a North Carolina native and New York transplant with a rep for hitting you at your core - both through her deep insight, as well as, her hurts-so-good sequencing. Widely known as the "in-house spiritual gangster", her students testify that Chloe's class will "follow you far beyond the mat". She moved to Oakland from Harlem, where she taught hard core hip hop yoga all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Chloe is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer,  Lagree Fitness trainer and a 200hr RYT graduate from Laughing Lotus Flow University NYC. She holds a BA in Communication Arts and Creative Media from Marymount Manhattan College. After sharing the mat and megaformer with students for over 3 years in New York City, Chloe relocated to Oakland, CA to grow and sweat with the left coast.